Day by day, people who want to learn and experience Islam are increasing in number; parents who want to bring up their children to be pious, grown-ups who wish to know more about religion, and all those who are in search of a better understanding of Islam. HADIA Onweb Academy is an online platform of moral education meant for the above-mentioned groups of learners, no matter where they come from.


The academy is run and supervised by the alumni association Darul Huda Islamic University, a premier Islamic university based in Kerala, India and all its courses are evidently online, making them accessible from every corner of the globe.


To provide online regular classes for students who don’t have access to primary religious education

To design creative online courses for grown-ups to meet their aspirations for continuing religious education

To help all those who would love to find out more about Islam via online facilities 

Read Online Islamic School

A madrasa project that provides five-year-olds and above with religious education, Read Online Islamic School can also be described as a modified replica of established madrassas that are found all over the world. The curriculum, in ten levels, includes Quran, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Akhlaq, Tajweed, and learning Arabic as a second language. Apart from the e-textbooks, students who have enrolled on this course can access five live classes every week where their academic supervisors will be on hand to offer help and support and clear their essential doubts.

HIMAYA Certificate Course in Islamic Practices (CCIP)

This course greatly facilitates women to have a deeper understanding of the religious subjects that every Muslim woman is bound to learn and practise in their daily lives. The course typically lasts two years and is so flexible that it allows them to fit their home-based commitments. Women who finish the first year’s basic learning will be moving on to the second year of advanced studies. The syllabus covers Quran, Hadeeth, Fiqh, and Thariq. Apart from the e-textbooks, students can also watch three recorded classes every week and access a live class which offers additional explanations and dispels doubts.

Students who complete the course are finally certified by CPET (Centre for Public Education and Training), a distance education program of Darul Huda Islamic University. 

HIMAYA Certificate in Basic Islamic Studies (CBIS)

This is a one year course designed to provide religious education for men. HIMAYA CBIS has also been approved by CPET. Quran, Hadeeth, Fiqh, and Quran recitation, the subjects that are commonly taught in India and GCC countries, have been integrated into the syllabus and are taught online. Along with three recorded classes every week, the course ensures the availability of a live class where the learners can get their doubts cleared and practise Quran recitation.

On completing the 120 hours class, the learner becomes equipped with all the basic knowledge that a believer is supposed to acquire compulsorily. 

After the course, students become eligible for further studies at HADIA Academy. Though the course is currently given only in Malayalam, HADIA is bending its efforts to launching its English version at a time not very far in the future.